All eyes on the old humble man

Carefully stepping off the big eagle

Bid heart he is famously known

A moment he stopped amid steps

I read his mind right ” blessed land”

Last step off the eagle he did bend

Big kiss to my lovely great Mamaland

I moved closer shoving other muscles

Great man of the Holy Word is here

Into my pockets I diligently searched

Mama had packed a gift for the guest

Out of the pockets came a green pack

Some corners torn but still mama’s gift

Shamefully tried to mend the torn pack

Too ragged for a great guest in white

Soft palms covered my sweaty palms

Looking up the guest was there smiling

Thank you for my first gift in this land

Kissing it he asked Almighty to bless me

As everyone watched he unpacked it

A chocolate not worth a dollar popped

The crowd laughed I shamefully shook

Into two my guest divided the chocolate

Holding me by my shoulder we shared

The crowd now quiet cameras worked

He has truly learnt our Messiah’s ways

Humility and love he constantly shows

Welcome to my Mamaland Pope Francis

Eager with joy we have been waiting

Your presence and message of hope

May God bless and guide you always

Welcome to my Mamaland Pope Francis


Poem by Dailynotesite

On behalf of eyesofanangel14

Written by Esther Muchai.