I was enjoying the sun relaxing in the coastal sands after months of busy days and nights when my phone rang. I always switch off my phone when taking a few days off work as my clients never let me rest but seemed I missed the routine for once.
“Honey what is it again?” I queried thinking it’s my hubby who I had just called a few minutes ago to check on how the kids are doing.
“No Madam, my name is Angelina, Angelina Lukwanda, My husband Mr. Lukwanda wants to see you urgently” Shame on me, I had picked the phone without checking the number first.
“Mrs. Lukwanda, I can only make it two days from now, I am out of town” I tried to get calm
“No madam, he needs to urgently see you today, try and make it please” and the phone went dead after I received the residence direction.
Almost a year ago, I wrote a biography for Mr. Lukwanda, it had been months sitting under a shade in his posh city residence as he narrated his experiences. It was one of those jobs you wish you never started as they hurt in some parts.
As I sat near the window on the airplane, I wondered what the urgency was all about. I am not a Lukwanda family member, a biography was not a will that I was to read to the family if only he was counting last few minutes on earth, what does he need from me? Mr. Lukwanda should understand that the book is already published and I won’t give in to add an extra page, It would be too much work……… my mind complained all throughout the flight.
Few hours later, I was sitting by Mr. Lukwanda’s bed side. He looked pale, tears were dropping off his eyes. He feebly struggled out of bed and beckoned me to follow him. His wife supported him to the shade in the garden and fetched us glasses of mango juice. This woman was complete opposite of whom I knew of as Mr. Lukwanda’s wife
“I am hurting so much” he started his story “You remember in the biography we did, there was a lady called Sherry” ‘Yes your wife’ “No she was just a mistress, now I can confess. She was my angel then, she was beautiful, charming and took away my brains, I neglected my family thinking she would take over as a wife. She made me pay her son’s school fees while I never paid for my own biological children. The son is now in Europe doing well after I paid for his master’s there. I don’t know how but I transferred my prime properties in the city to Sherry, my international businesses are under her…………….……” you can guess the full narration. Mr. Lukwanda was uncontrollably crying at this stage, then after a few minutes, he regained some strength. I was getting confused.
“Look at her, my real angel whom I neglected” he gestured for me to look at Angelina who was busy with the goats in another corner of the compound. “I have been unwell for almost nine months, the doctor said I have a liver infection, no much hope, I might rest any moment. I have been bedridden for the last six months. When Sherry heard the doctor’s report, she planned for a holiday, I thought she meant well since I was sick but I was wrong. She lectured me all night on how all she wanted was my money, she told me that I was stupid to neglect my family because of her body. In short, she left with the share of the properties. I called my wife to come and pick me up and for all this time, she has acted like nothing happened for all those twenty years, she and our two sons have made sure I enjoy my every second. They feed me well, make sure I get my medication and see the doctor regularly. It pains me to know how their mother labored in other people’s farms for them to have the education they have, the kind of jobs they have. I feel ashamed when I have to take money from them though they generously give it. I cry deep inside when they come every evening from work and call me daddy, asking me how I am fairing. They give me hope to see better days assuring me the past is buried and we have a future together. I didn’t buy those goats and cows for Angelina, she labored for them, today she has more farms which she have registered in our son’s names, I gave nothing to my sons apart from siring them and my surname. It hurts, It hurts deep” So where do I come in after all. I guess I said that aloud or Mr. Lukwanda was a good mind reader, he stopped the sobs and now directed the instructions to me.
“Sorry Essy for this long story but I need a favour from you. I know you have a well-established website, kindly write a few words of my experience and warn the young men blinded by the city mistresses. Please see that your blog saves first families from been ruined and God will bless you. Please my daughter Essy, I don’t have any money to pay you for this but please do it for the young generation. Please God, bless Essy for me.”
I went home, watched my husband as he played with the kids, wondered whether he has a repeat of Mr. Lukwanda’s episode and silently did a prayer to Almighty God who controls everything, ‘please God, hold my family together, only you can do it, Amen’.
Mr. Lukwanda has warned all you men and city mistresses, I have passed my message as instructed, now waiting for the blessings. Mr. Lukwanda has since gone to is maker, may his soul rest in eternal peace.




Nobody was paying me but a voice just quizzed me to this.

I was on my leave but I opted no holiday, I needed to get this topic clear on my mind.

My younger sister has refused to get married, she is 28 and very independent. I visited her in her new flat last weekend, in the posh area of Westlands. She had just jetted in from Dubai, I don’t know if I heard her right when she mentioned it was not a business trip but a shopping trip. Hey hey! before you point fingers at her, let me let you know she is doing her masters and have a job though I am very sure her salary cannot service her lavish lifestyle. As I sipped my blended mango juice, she excused to answer a phone call in her bedroom. I tiptoed to her bedroom door and listened to the whole conversation. A man was on the other end asking how the trip was, she said it was great, she was asked out for dinner plus a night out and she said “yes sweetie, you deserve every bit of me”. That was enough for my ears so I went back to finish my juice.

I had to know who this man was. I have an app on my phone to trace my caller’s locality, so I kept calling her till I was able to know the hotel where she was. Wow, it was once of those hotels we only drive by and dream of dining. Luckily my visa card was intact and I took a table in a dark corner. I always complain of how I need to change my optician for what I saw was a movie cast which would have easily sent our mother to ICU, my sister could never do this in reality, just sobering myself. A huge man entered, walked to where my sister was. I almost screamed when she rose happily in her short,short,short backless mini-dress and high heels, hugged the man, kissing him not even caring who else watched. “Is this what our mother taught us? Has my sister turned to a whore overnight?” I was investigating so I calmed down. They didn’t stay long on the table, they went upstairs. I could not follow them as the guards were too strict but after parting with a few notes, I learnt the couple frequented the hotel and always had their dinner in the room where they left the following morning. Don’t ask me more questions, you could be knowing better than me or I might answer you that they spent the night praying and praising the most High. At this point I needed to urgently see my doctor.

Walking down the stairs, feeling confused, I lost my focus and steps and almost knocked down a young man of around 23 years. What surprised me is that the boy was calm after I said sorry but an elegant lady by his side had a few words for me. “What do you want with my man? Can’t you go out and look for yours?” What!! What was this 40 something lady saying, I thought she was the hotel’s manager and a worker. No Jesus should not delay any more second, I thought to myself as I ran out of the hotel.

Back in my house, I called a longtime friend and planned to meet the following weekend. I wanted to share with her what was happening before I could explode.

“Hi Sue, how far are you? I have been waiting at the coffee shop” I rang my friend, we had a date and hoped she was on the way.
“So sorry dear, I can’t make it, hubby had an urgent trip abroad and so someone else is warming the bed tonight”
“Come on Sue, who is that? You never told me you had a side hustle” I played along
“Sorry dear, It’s Frank, hubby’s friend, he escorted him to the airport then came right to me. I have to go, let’s have late breakfast tomorrow as I feed you more”
Ok! I drove home, hoping the night will not be long.

“Am sorry gal about last night, you know Frank and I have been flattering on social media and somehow feelings grew. We have been planning for this and I am telling you, I have nothing to regret. I don’t care how many women hubby sleeps with, now I too have my own to run too……………………….……” Sue had too much nonsense you don’t want to hear more. This is not what excites me so I made an excuse and left.

Two days later, I made an appointment with Raphael (Sue’s hubby) in his office. We went to the same campus so we had a lot to catch up. After too much business talk, I wanted to know what the trip was all about.
“Essy, I won’t lie to you. Your friend is a great wife and mother to the kids but I don’t know this thing with us men. You get yourself doing stuff with other women.” I knew it! I knew it! I almost screamed aloud.
“You remember Shante, the lady in our class” yes you were dating her besides Sue, that I know. “Yes, Shante has been there for me all this time” But Shante is married to the white guy? “Yes she is married but she says black men make her feel like a woman. Shante was going to see her sick mother in law in Paris, she had booked a hotel room and did not want the whole weekend to be wasted like that, so she got me a ticket too” Tears were now rolling down my cheeks, Sue is my good friend, Raphael too has been a good friend and easily confided in me since he knew his secrets were safe with me. Frank knew Raphael too was not clean and so took advantage of the situation. What was Frank’s wife story, what was Shante’s hubby story, guess this is an endless round string of all wrongdoing, yes you don’t have to remind me, the world too is round with no end.

A week was left on my leave, I booked a flight to Mumbai, spent the days and nights asking God if something was blocking his view on what was happening on earth, asking whether it was possible for Him to send His Son Jesus Christ the very next minute, asking God to hide me where the evil spirit devouring the world will not find me.

I concluded that people are just so blinded by lust, no more serious focus on spiritual matters but much more, people are just fools fooling each other, only God knows for how long. Be blessed.
EMuchai 061





Looking outside through her bedroom window, on the upstairs of their huge mansion, tears slowly popped out her pink shaded eyes, she had been crying and her face turned paler, she squeezed her arms round herself as if she was freezing.

“Why’ she silently whispered

“When will my time come” she gazed at the clouds as if an angel was coming down to answer her.

She had been watching a man playing football with his sons in the neighboring compound. A woman was standing there with a tray of biscuits, she seemed to call out to the trio who rushed to where she was and picked biscuits from the tray. The couple exchanged a quick kiss as the four of them went for a shade. It was a great family time, it looked like the man was telling fairy tales to the family who laughed after every five seconds.

“I wish I knew better, I wish I could die!” Martha screamed from her bedroom window. The couple under the shade looked up to see Martha break the bedroom window. She was in a terrible state.

“I will be right there, please hold on” June the woman under the shade called out to Martha as she rushed to her house. The houses were uniformly built, so she easily found her way to the bedroom upstairs.

“What did you give to God to be blessed with such a great family?” Martha asked June who was now moving close to her. June remained silent as she gently moved Martha from the window to the bed.

“My husband never answers my calls, I see him like four times in a month and that is when he is coming to file bills and receipts or when the extended family is visiting. Yes he takes care of all the bills but he is never there for me. He is always on business trip round the world. Our children are in boarding schools abroad. This house is so quiet and big for just me and the maids” She paused, studied June’s face “Tell me your story June”

“No, you are the one stressed out, tell me how it all started, how you met, those better days” June asked for more info.

“I met Fred in a Convention in London. It was love at first sight, not very sure since we were the only Kenyans in the Convention so we had lunch together, I realized he was single and so was I. I was looking for a rich and educated man, he wanted a pretty educated lady and so the puzzle was done. One thing led to the other and here we are, successful careers, big house, cars, everything but empty hearts. How about your story?” Martha also wanted to know June’s story.

“Peter was mechanic back in our village, I was employed as a dressmaker in a tailor’s shop in the same village. We loved each other and despite been poor, promised each other genuine friendship. It has been tough financially but because of been there for one another, things have changed for the better. Now Peter imports and sells cars locally while I own the big school uniform shop in the capital city. I give all glory to God and thank Peter for been such a support to me.” June gave her version and advised more.

“You based your marriage on money and beauty which fades with time. Don’t feel worn out though, there is always a chance to change. Work on been friends and pillars to one another and soon a smile will be back on your face. Things don’t have to be as to what one person feels right but what you both agree. Soon Fred will stop been a master in the house and become your friend, one who will support you and miss you every five minutes he is away from you, and the same to you to when it comes to his case”

June gave hope to Martha though she could not stay long, she had to go back to her house, it was lunch hour and her family had to eat.