Can the women be dear hubbies?

Pans, plates, pillows were flying everywhere amid words that cannot be written for people to read. That was Jack and Joyce house. Joyce is my old friend since college days.

Still remember those beautiful college days, some memories should last forever. We shared a hotel room with my great friend Joyce. I still remember how we could go shopping for clothes over the weekend and our wardrobes were among the best.

Wearing those short skirts and tight jeans were the norm of the day. Yes we were modern girls. Those backless tops made every boy want to take us out on weekends.

Time has changed then, it’s been couple of years and now we are both settled in our homes. We wake to those busy days that demand decent dressing. To me it’s no big deal, actually I love my trouser suits, they ease my dress choosing every morning.

It was one Saturday evening and I had decided to check on Joyce since it was not normal for her not to pick or return my calls. Maybe she was sick but I needed no appointment to her home, I was always welcome there.

I found the drama going on, it was not a fight really but the urgument had their voices so high, object flew as a sign of how angry the other partner was.

“Thank God Essy you are here. I love my mini dresses and mini skirts and tell me don’t I look good in them?” I stupidly grinned for an answer since I was not sure of where the this path would lead.

“Jack has a problem with everything I wear, I wear the minis to work, he says I am out to attract male colleagues, I wear my tights over the weekend, its still a problem, why does he think all am after is attracting other men?” Jack is Joyce husband. Oh my God, how do I tell her that I too hate those short clothes in our office but keeping mum would be better?

“But Joyce, why do you wear the short clothes, you are married now, guess you should just dress smart and you know…” The stern look from Joyce cut short my lecture.

“Listen Essy. You can side with Jack, I don’t care, I now you are always in trousers. But please hear me out, I am still a girl inside, I want other people to look at me say ‘wow’. I love it when the managers compete on who to take me out for lunch since he (pointing at Jack) never even calls me for a lunch date, I love my clothes and no one will change that. Before you start on your lectures, let me let you in on this one. I realized that he (Jack) dates his secretary, I learnt this after scrolling through his text messages and on some he was telling the secretary how her short skirts makes him…(skip).. So that means he loves seeing her legs, so I guess he should see mine too. He gets upset because he thinks that since his secretary wears the short skirts to seduce him, I too wear my own to seduce the men in our company” I think so too Joyce, you wear to seduce them not the girl thing, oh my, this is just a hard topic to discuss. You know arguing with someone who only have the summary points. Thanks to Jack, he was quiet all this time guess to the respect he has on me.

But still I wonder why men get jealous when their women wear the short mini dresses or skirts yet they flatter with the ladies in the offices who wear them. Why won’t men like their women to wear the tight jeans on Fridays at work, yet they will take the same kind of dressed women for an evening coffee. Why can’t you just let her wear them, love her in them and take out, show her off to your friends, yes, she is your beautiful wife and you will hear them say ‘wow, what a ..(skip).. wife you got, you are lucky buddy’ or would it be too hard for you to hear them compliment you like that. And you women, are you sure you don’t wear the short and tight clothes to seduce men, are you sure it’s the ‘girl thing’ inside? Can someone tell me if it’s okay for a wife to wear this kind of clothes, show off her curves and legs and more have them say ‘wow’.


4 thoughts on “Can the women be dear hubbies?

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  2. I sincerely think it’s improper. Why show off the curves in the first place? I thing at times we just need to be ourselves and stop doing things simply because we want compliments from other people.


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