What a life!

Have you ever stared at a friend who is only two years older than you and wondered what went wrong? Ken was my primary school desk mate, very close since we happened to be from the same village, after parting ways in High School, we met again in college, did different courses but we have in touch after that.

We move on to our marital homes and with the busy schedules, calls were reserved for once in two weeks, brief and to the point but I had come to note his words were getting fewer per the next conversation, from his face book posts, he looked like a father to university teenagers while his kids were in middle primary school.

Call me what you want but my dreams always come true. I take my dreams seriously and that’s why after I had a bad dream about Ken, I called him early the next morning and demanded a meeting that very same day. It was on Saturday and we both had time in the afternoon.

I found him waiting, sipping a bottle of beer, he looked distant that he did not even notice me entering the open restaurant. “Hi Ken” I shouted joyously trying to distract him. “Hi Essy” He replied calmly, the usual hug was nowhere.

“Hope everything is okay. Why the big haste?” He asked, no smile on his face.

“May be you should be the one doing the talking. What is wrong with you? I am your friend, talk to me” I started it after I ordered my glass of juice.

“What are you talking about Essy? I didn’t call you, you are the one who called for a meeting” Ken was getting agitated.

“I had a bad dream” ‘Come on Essy, you still worry about your dreams, so did you have a bad one about me?’ Ken would never get me upset no matter how hard he tried, he is like a brother to me, so many times he have rescued me from tough situations.

“Come on bro, I know something is wrong, spit it, I am all ears”

“Okay, Its Maggie, She have changed, I have done all I can but am losing my mind.” He halted but I needed him to spill out all the beans.

“Remember I met her when she was just a receptionist. She went back to school, have been upgrading and now she is a manager in that same big Hotel. She is earning well. If not for the lying devil who have made Maggie his refuge, life would probably be at its peak. We both drive our own good cars, we no longer rent but live in our home, kids are doing well but Maggie…” Tears dropped from his eyes, I reached his hand and squeezed it signaling to him that I am listening and wish to hear the whole story.

“Maggie insults me everyday. I lie on the coach, she calls me a lazy idiot, I go out for walk, she calls me a dog, that I have been out there with women. She has turned to drinking, coming home late and adultery, yes Essy, I once paid private investigators and they gave me the evidence on tape.” More tears down the cheeks

“I once kicked her out of the house but she went to court claiming to have the kids, I couldn’t let the kids go so I had to let her back. I have reported everything to her parents but since she is the one maintaining all their bills, there’s nothing much they could do. Essy, forgive me but I have been contemplating killing her” No, no, no, that was my bad dream, I saw Ken killing Maggie.

“I am so sorry Ken, but let murder be the last option, think of the kids in a children’s home after you are jailed for life after killing their mother, there must be a way out”

“Which one Essy? which one? I really need a way now! God fearing Essy, please don’t tell me to pray, I have done that already and no response!” he barked at me. I needed to think fast

I thought of asking him to move out and visit the kids over the weekend. It didn’t make sense, he loved his kids to go a day without them noting that Maggie was not the best mother you could trust your kids with.

Then another one was to take time and get visas ready for him and the kids, leave without notice. He smiled at that, maybe it was better.

I was afraid of whatever advice to give but I hope my last was good.

What goes wrong after a few years when two lovebirds stay together? Where do the respect go? Where do the love travel to and can it ever be recalled back? When and why do you start seeing your other partner as an enemy, as a nobody? I don’t know what you would do if your friend was in that situation, what would you advice?


2 thoughts on “What a life!

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  2. O.m.g. this is real nasty but on one side its said money is the rootvof all evil.I add class,pride n prejudice.lack of respect for one another is very very bad.once respect walks out through the door,Saturn brings in a whole regime of hatred n family as God ordained is destroyed…I think Ken needs some councilling n time off with his kids n let the wife go her way of choice.this way he feels secure with the kids he so much loves.its never too late he can always make up

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