Hubby from heaven

I was a bride in their wedding. Yes I love these two lovebirds that if possible I would shift houses and be their neighbor.

Frank is just the perfect husband, that kind of gentle heart and care any woman would reach out for. Currently he is a certain company’s CEO but wait before you conclude he has the cash to finance it. It’s not about the money. I have known Frank running up and down the streets, from office to office, looking for printing jobs. It’s the common story of graduates missing their target job.

All this time Frank the hustler was sweating out, he had a wife and two kids to feed. The CEO job did not come easily, the same company that employs him today was one of his printing clients. One day the board Chairman took personal interest in Frank, started him off as a manager to where he is today.

It was not about Frank’s job, it’s his gentle manhood. His darling wife, Cathy can confess she does not understand when we complain of long queues at the supermarkets. Frank has been doing the shopping since. Frank knows very well that Cathy works but have never asked her what she does with her money. He pays rent, does shopping, pays school fees, pays for holiday, yes he pays all the bills.

Cathy on the other hand takes care of household like paying the house help, replacing furniture, buys the family’s clothing, salon etc yes she just keeps the house and family beautiful. Before I forget, she manages the family’s joint bank account. (heard someone ask for a break, ……granted.)

I wonder if they ever quarrel since been a close friend, I have never been asked to put out any fire, guess they just know how to handle their beef which comes with both been listeners and not commanders like most of us. Only God knows how many times I have called them in the middle of the night to come solve a domestic quarrel. It’s time to learn some points.

Frank never goes home late, yes he drinks his two bottles on Fridays but he once told me it’s a rule for the family to eat dinner together. In any case he feels like going out late at night, he goes with Cathy after putting the kids to bed. He insists going out alone sometimes with the boys and staying late, getting drunk that’s when the girls take advantage, so he carries his own queen. Wow! Lucky Cathy. When did you last go out with your wife?

Watch this couple every Saturday evening taking a lazy walk round the estate. They say that’s when they solve their problems. When walking they are able to talk freely and from the heart rather than when seated at home. I didn’t know that and guess you too just learnt. So they have a way of solving their problem. I wonder how you solve yours. Do pans and plates fly? Do you stay out late drinking? Is that when you call your mistress and spend the night there? Whatever…. It’s your beef, solve it.

Frank makes sure he saves enough every year to take his family for holiday abroad. Yes I said abroad, do you even save to take yours to the village or has town become everything? It’s a challenge, take it or leave it.

I wonder how many reading this can challenge Frank, say I am a better man than him. Sincerely confess to adore your queen and put the family first. Don’t raise up your hand yet. Kindly take a few minutes, swallow your pride and rethink about it, visualize your queen and imagine yourself acting the Frank cast and in a months’ time guess what would be the difference. Yes I knew it, I guessed right your answer, your bank account would have gone down, your boys will start laughing at you, your culture does not allow that!

Are you ready for all this? Now let’s see who thinks is better than Frank or who is ready to make a change in his matrimonial home despite all the odds. Put down your signature on the comments.



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