My God, My Father liveth – Season 1

Some place in the white man’s land, I met Judy (not her real name). I noticed her from the uncomfortable way she pressed and swayed her legs. At first I thought she was pressed and moved closer to direct her to the airport washrooms.

‘Can’t wait to get home’ she replied ‘feel bad leaving this summer to head for the rains’ I replied

‘Hi, Judy’ she extended her hand and introduced myself too ‘Essy. Guess you have been away for a long time, you are so anxious to go back’ I started the conversation/interrogation/search for another blog story.

‘Thirty years now’ her face changed, a drop of tears made me rush for my green hankie. ‘Sorry, don’t worry, all will be well, coffee or tea?’ I offered to order.

‘Its alright Essy. My mum gave birth to me when she was still in the University. When I was four years old, she met her husband who refused to take me in. I had to live with my grandmother but life was not easy as she was old and ailing. There were German missionaries in our church who knew my story. To cut the story short, they took me with them to Germany and that seemed to relieve my mother and step father. I am now a neuro-surgeon and have an operation to do in the big city’ She narrated her story making the flight shorter. ‘Sorry and congratulations too’ I encouraged

‘you cant imagine who my patient is’     ‘definitely no, so many are ailing back home’ I replied

‘my mum’  ‘what, how?’ I was speechless and now attentive more than before.

‘An application landed in our hospital for us to send a surgeon to Africa. When it was my turn to go through the application, I recognized my mother’s details as in name, age, place of birth, her mother’s name, her husband’s name etc. I asked the head surgeon to allow me do the surgery since it was my home country and language was not a barrier, he agreed’

‘So the family is waiting to receive you, right?’ I asked

‘No. they can’t recognize me, I am all grown up and have a second German name’

Having become good friends, Judy invited me to the hospital on the big day. She gave me a white coat to wear and from the big glass windows, we watched the family stream near the theatre. I could tell it was a well up family. We headed to the place where her mother was been prepared by the nurses and Judy directed that she be taken to the theatre. The operation took exactly six hours. My friend came out sweating, I was there waiting for her with a bottle of water. ‘How did it go?’ I asked

‘Successful, she is my mom, I did extra best’ I could tell her joy from her voice

Judy stayed in the country for another three months. It was one Saturday, she asked me to take her to visit her mother. She had been in touch with the family pretending to follow up on the patient and had somehow managed to get their physical address. The family lived in one of the posh neighborhoods in the city.

She was there, her mother now fully recovered. Her ‘step father’ welcomed us warmly. ‘What a humble surprise to have you doctors in our home’ Good food was ordered from the kitchen as Judy did follow up questions on her patient. They asked about Germany and we told them as much as they wanted to hear. I knew all this time, Judy was up to something. We had spent more than five hours in the home and felt we were now overstaying our visit. We were about to leave when suddenly Judy “Mr and Mrs. Kiragu, I have something for you and hope you will take it kindly” They were shocked and sat up more uprightly, hoping she did not forget a pin, scissors or bandage on her patient’s body.

“Mum, dad” What? Ok not yet, I held my surprise “Mum, I am Judith Gakweru, your daughter” I watched every second as the woman almost collapsed but God stopped it, she needed to witness this. Tears were flowing down their faces as Judy narrated her story. They gave up on her but still she sprung up to successful destiny. Their hands were too feeble to hold her, they had no enough apologetic words, just tears. Judy knelt before them, tried to dry their tears. Her step siblings could not stop tormenting their parents with ‘why this and that’ I cried too.

To cut the long story short, Judy is now in touch with her parents, she even invited them for summer holidays last year in Berlin. It’s a whole family once again. She asked me to share this with you and let you know forgiveness heals, no matter how deep the cut is. Just forgive and let God do the healing.

I have more testimonies to share with you, keep following this page (dailynotesite), your story is also welcome to be shared.

I wonder, if you were Judy (he or she), would you forgive? Would you have picked the application letter and offer extra best surgery or would you have caused her death? Would you have let them know that you are their child? What would you have done?



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