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My name is Esther Muchai, a writer,  a poet and blogger of this great page, daily note site. Feel free to read through the pages and download the free stories available. You will find some stories meant for sale, kindly contact us for more details on how to get a copy.

Reading is one of the many ways to jog the mind, to keep the mind active hence keeping the doctor’s visit away. Remember this page as you sit in the hallway waiting, in the bus to work or evening before bed. We have a special way to brighten your face. Always remember that we at Daily Note Site value our readers and followers. Our team works day and night to make it the best page with great stories.

Your presence in our page is greatly appreciated. Kindly leave us a comment or a like after reading through our pages, it will encourage us to work more.

Kind regards,



One thought on “About

  1. Anne Njeri

    Wow! Thank you Esther for the good work, am surprised you are a writer. The stories are so encouraging as this what is happening to families, young couples, our friends, relatives and colleagues. I love this! keep it up. Its very encouraging and especially to those facing the same challenges. My word to them is that, “keep praying, be calm and as challenges come your way, do not question God, but thank him for the situation you are in because he knows why.” A big thank you once again.

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