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Another great story to read. Please get a copy for someone who would be inspired and like the page. God bless you as you share in our work.


I have a tiny body but that is okay with me. My mother said I take after her and she took after her mother. We all have tiny bodies. I do not each much on my meals. I love fruits and vegetables maybe that explain why my body is not like Laureen’s. Laureen is my neighbor’s daughter. She has an appetite and she is fat. We were age mates and study in the same class. Both of us are in grade nine.

What I do not like about my body is when big boys and girls bully me. They make me collect their books and pens in the school corridors which they fall intentionally. I get pushed at the school cafeteria that I have resulted to be among the last to get food. In class, Ms Morgan easily notices me and always gets me to collect test papers and take to her staffroom desk.

There are still good things about me been thin. Last semester when the President of State had come visiting our school, I was awarded the best dancer award. I am flexible and from the great dance styles I did, the President offered me a personal scholarship which he had promised for the best talent presented to him. I even had an honor to shake his hand.

My troubles started after the scholarship. I practiced even harder now that I had a chance to join music school. I no longer accompanied Laureen after school as I started attending dancing lessons in school. Over the weekends I could lock myself in my room and practice more. Laureen was very jealous with my new achievement. I was slowly becoming a star. My dancing class teacher enrolled me for many contests which I won. My name was on television and radio. I had invitations all around the country to show off my talent.

My self esteem started to rise. I had courage to stand on my feet. As a star, I no longer collected books at the corridors for the big girls but they now came for my autographs. I was always the first at the school cafeteria to get food. I had earned respect from my school mates at last. Ms Morgan no longer asked me to collect test papers but used to invite me over for tea on tea breaks. She wanted to hear more of my every weekend achievement. My class grades improved as I seemed to get special attention from all teachers.

One Saturday I had an invitation to perform at a national level among other contestants. I had to fly to the city to make it on time for preparations before getting on stage. I was in my room upstairs getting ready when the door bell rang. My mother answered but after a short while she called down for me.

“Clare, Mr. Raphael is here for you” I ran down the stairs to meet him

“Hi Clare, I am on my way from getting the tickets. Are you ready?” Mr. Raphael asked

“I will be ready in the next ten minutes. Let me rush back to my room” I was almost at the stairs when he called again.

“Hey Clare. I got five tickets, for you, your mother, your sister and I. Do you have a close friend in mind to take the fifth?” he asked

“Yes, let me call her” I answered and rushed upstairs.

I stared through the window only to find Laureen at their compound in her swim suit trying all manners of exercises. I did not notice my eyes getting wet and tears streaming down. It is my mother who banged the door and drew back to my attention. She joined me at the window and also saw Laureen struggling with her big body in all manners of exercises. She was sweating hard. My mother dried the tears in my eyes.

“Let us give her the extra ticket” My mother suggested

“Yes, mom” I answered hugging my mother.

“Get ready. I will go and talk to her mother so that she can let her join us” My mother left my room and went to Laureen’s home.

Still from my window, I saw Laureen run into the house and new her mother had accepted our invitation. After some minutes Laureen was in her bedroom which is adjacent to mine. She peeped through her window only to find me staring at her. She smiled as I shouted to her “get ready in five minutes girlfriend”.

Within two hours we had arrived at the city’s airport where we took a taxi to the stadium. My mother, Laureen and Melanie, my sister sat at the VIP part of the stadium as I and Mr. Raphael went for rehearsal. After thirty minutes, my name was called on stage. I rushed on stage and did my best as usual. After my dance, I went and joined my mother where she was seated with the rest. Mr. Raphael squeezed my hand and congratulated me as I sat down.

Soon all dancers were done and the judges were concluding their grades as an International singer entertained the crowd. Soon the winners were read. My name was not there. I was scared, sweat ran through my back. After the judge sat down, the international singer took on stage with a big paper.

“ I am honoured to announce the overall winner. She really took my breath and you will agree with me that she really deserves the prize. I loved your moves young lady. I hereby want Clare to come on stage and pick her prize” Quincy the singer announced as I happily went up to her.

“Clare I want you to nominate one of your friends to be with you as you join my dancing troop” Quincy asked

“I nominate my best friend, Laureen. Laureen come on stage” I announced to the crowd.

Laureen was all tears as she came over. She hugged me. She took the microphone and said “You are my true friend, I love you so much.”


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