Either dreaming of half awake

Well dressed men and women

We know they drive big wheels

Their offices not used as toilets

A confirmed appointment a must

But of late something was amiss

They did a choir for the nation

Didn’t know they knew the jig

Were the news wrong or misled?

Was it really a State of the Nation?

Or sing and dance for the nation?

My daughter took the remote

Changed channel to her cartoon

Unknown relief to my shamed face

I took it back to be sure of my senses

Just then the cameras spotted him

From a soft laughter he sobered up

Entertained he joked for real not hurt

That’s the right attitude in high altitudes

His speech clear open to your criticism

Heap of doubts disturb my knowhow

Come soon I suggest to chair a forum

To educate voters before vote casting

And have doctors report for all candidates.