That Lady

Have you ever watched the skies on early morns and late nights. Yes early morns, I mean fixing the eyeballs on the earthly roof for some thirty minutes as if searching for something, not a miracle this time but you see the clouds sleeping away the dark and grey matters replacing them with a blue lining. Same case I repeat every night when the moon calls out the stars’ roll call and I watch them take positions one by one. I just took you through what I do when my mind fills up and blocks.

This lady had given me sleepless nights. She is an envy of many, I just happen to be one. I have travelled the world with her, many countries and palaces we have seen, she took the plane and cabs, I followed her every move on internet, from my kitchen stool. I know her home better too, know quite a lot about her kids and hubby, Yes I follow that too on the web.

The president have shaken her hand and congratulated her. I realized she got her first degree after she gave birth to her two daughters. After her degree, she started just like most of us till she started her own firm. She has been contracted by the government severally to do some feasibilities all over the world. Her name is Janet (not her real name).

When I first saw Janet on telly, something hit me and I found myself wishing to be like her or at least half of her. So I set my laptop in a library, I read all the magazines in the library about her, I googled and asked the librarian much about her, never mind my big asking mouth, it landed me luck. The librarian was Janet’s cousin, she stayed in Janet’s house. All this I came to learn when one day in the library, a hand tapped my shoulder. I didn’t turn, I was busy. The hand tapped again and I furiously turned with those harsh words ready to drain on the hand’s owner but that was not so.

“Hi Essy, my name is Janet” my legs lost balance, luckily I fell back to the chair I had been sitting on.

Janet pulled a chair next to me, took my hand “Essy, don’t worry, the librarian is my cousin and she told me all about you and your research. She stays at my place and she has been talking so much of your interests so I decided to ease your search.” My eyes were still searching for some light, I was in a dream world, I came to understand how God works. Talk of miracles, this was it.

“Essy, Just believe in yourself for anything is possible. People will always try to run you down especially when you are sailing on the right path but hold on tight to what you believe and want, they will eventually tire and let you do your thing. Anyone can shine, just start from somewhere, today not tomorrow, work on that seed you plant today, till around it when the weeds come, water it with your sweat, the flowers will one day come and soon the fruits. It is never too late to start. Essy, you can never be like anyone else, be yourself, set your dream and wake up to fulfil it” she left me her contacts and left. We have been in touch and yester morning she added something more to her unending advice.

“Essy, here you are, soon you will reap from your labour, please try to mentor someone else. The writer of a book does not shelve it in his bedroom but in the libraries and web for all to read. Your life is a book, some will read and love it, take their hands and show them the way when they reach out to you, just like I did years ago”

Janet was leaving the country for an ambassadorial job abroad. I felt like she left me her shoes to wear. I looked around and my first wish was if I ever have funds, I will start a poetry or literature writing competition in the country.   Psss………… Kindly let the president know my wish and reach out to me.

Its just a challenge to you too, Its never too late to start something, don’t shelve it, your display could help someone else get an idea.

God bless Janet. I said last night as I watched the stars dancing in the skies like small kids in the playground. What a wonderful God you are.

One thing maybe you can help many understand is sharing with us;– how can one know their key to life, is it education, is it talent or is it just luck? How did you make it or how are you making it? Was it your education, your talent or mere luck? Some stranded teens are reading, light their ways.





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